Ai Kago (Kago Ai, Aibon), was born February 7, 1988 in Nara prefecture, Japan.

At age 12 she auditioned and won a spot with Japanese super-pop group, Morning Musume. Following that she played in subgroups Mari Mesumi, MiniMoni, and Tanpopo.

After graduating from Morning Mesumi, she joined up with fellow band-mate and friend, Nozomi Tsuji to form W (double you), which was wildly successful until February, 2006 when photos of Kago smoking a cigarette were published in the celebrity scandal magazine, Friday. Kago had turned 18 only the day before, and the legal age for smoking in Japan is 20. She was suspended indefinitely from the group. While she is still underage to smoke cigarettes, she is now old enough to play poker in most casinos in the world.

She and Nozomi also hold the Guiness World Record for largest hula hoop spun. They have held that record twice.

Kago was also crowned "Kusoji" (Crappy Girl) for her miserable performance in the Mechaike Okajo Taiikusai Test, a test measuring sports ability, where she scored 29 out of 100. Kago finished last in the endurance race. No surprise there - she smokes.

She and Nozomi also scored at the very bottom of all Morning Musume alumni in the Bakajo Test, which covers general knowledge of Japanese, Math, Social Studies, Science and English. However, it was her best friend, Nozomi, who actually had the lowest score of all, and she was crowned "Idiot girl".

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