Sit and Go tournaments (sng) are poker tournaments that begin when enough players are registered to play, as opposed to a tournament that begins at a specific time. They are usually one table tournaments, but multi-table sngs are also popular. They are 'freeze out' tournaments where you buy-in for a specific amount, anywhere from $1 to $500, and play until you either win, or are eliminated. At a one table sng the top three players finish 'in the money'. Sng's are very popular online and are beginning to show up in live cardrooms.

Incidentally, most of the poker being played in the world today (outside of home games) is online. Almost everything in these articles is geared towards online play, but obviously most of that advice is the same for live poker as well, particularly where math issues play a role in decision-making.

Kago's advice in these articles are all intermediate/advanced, but mostly advanced, and the specifics are for the poker game, holdem, which is by far the most popular poker game in the world today. It wouldn't hurt the beginner to read the articles, but a better way to learn would be to buy a beginner book on holdem and study a tight, conservative strategy, paying special attention to the values of starting hands. Much of what is covered here is for players who already know the game but are confused about what to do in certain situations, or are still losing and not sure why.

Incredibly, over 90% of poker players are lifelong losers at poker. That's a staggering figure. Read these articles and any books you can, and everything you can find on the net - read, reflect, play and practice, and it's a certainty - provided you have the right bankroll and are playing at the appropriate level for your bankroll - that you will win. It's not a question of 'maybe' or 'you might' - you 'will'.

And don't be fooled by this little chick's good looks - she's a goofy, duncy, dancing, singing, pear-peeling poker-playing freak. I've played with her. She's cute, but not that fun to play with.

Kago wanted to add:

"Hai, I am Ai Kago, aka mig_rogers. I like to sew, sing, dance, mimic, eat ice cream, peel pears, and play poker. I play poker really good. Really, really, really good! So I have written some things about poker. If you read them, and learn, and then when you make mistakes and lose, then learn again, then you will finish in the money +50% of the time. Have fun, and good luck... to whoever plays poker with me! because they will need it. Supashi-bo! Hai, I go all-eeeen!"