"I always knew I was destined for greatness." Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has a magazine called 'O'. She's on every cover, so you can't miss her. Most people are afraid of Oprah because if you get on her wrong side she can jump right through the air, or through a computer screen, or through a very large hoop and crush you to death! She has a bazillion dollars, so if she's too busy to do it herself she can hire people to end your life. So I shouldn't tease Oprah.

One thing that is rather peculiar to me, however, and I'd like to share, is that Oprah's magazine claims that none of the covers are tricked up. With all due respect, Oprah, I think someone's pulling your leg. But I wasn't positive so I asked my two trusted friends, the former DoubleU sisters, Kago & Tsuji, who have combined IQ's of about 130, but are oddly quite reliable anyway. So I asked them, "Girls, someone's been telling Oprah that the pictures of her on the covers of her magazine are not retouched in any way, what do you make of that?," And this is what they had to say.

So the jury is in, and I think it's safe to say, "...someone's been pulling your leg, Oprah. I don't have any evidence, but as far as I can tell someone's messing with you." Meanwhile, here's what it's all about, ok, a video demonstration of what I'm talking about. Oprah's not in this cuz she's into absolutely everything, from hogging every cover of her magazine to eating all the muffins and shrimp sauce at the buffet, all the way to having all the money in the whole wide world. Plus, I don't want to get whacked by Oprah's soccer mom posse. Hey, it's all in good fun.. "We're just playing."

The video is 50mb, so hi-speed only. It'll be interesting to anyone who does graphics, and maybe to those who enjoy watching something rather unusual in motion, even if you don't quite understand what you're looking at. There's no sex or violence.

To the graphics people: the third part of this video is colour correction. While it's nothing too unusual, it looks to me that I may have glossed over that part and it's sped up to about 3x normal speed, so if you're having trouble following and would like to look at an interesting technique that's used in this video, then try this out, you might like it. Enjoy.