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Beaconsfield is an upper-middle class suburb of Montreal. It's the town I grew up in. It has 30,0000 people, and is almost an ideal community. Over the course of a few years, however, there were a handful of senseless tragedies that occurred in Beaconsfield, most involving middle-aged men killing their wives and children, then killing themselves. (The stories from the Montreal Gazette about these murder/suicides are at the bottom of the page.)

This video explores these themes in pictures, video and music. It's rendered at about 400 pixels, which is how it's meant to be watched (not full screen) and the video quality is good provided it's watched at Windows Media default of 100%. The video has mild nudity, so anyone who doesn't like nudity shouldn't watch this. (So you kids out there, make sure your parents leave the room before watching it.)

The file size is 120mb. It's 17 minutes long and will take about 5 minutes to dl on hi-speed; that's over 20 minutes of your life wasted if you don't like Kago Ai, George Jetson, or the Pussycat Dolls, so please read the reviews down below before dl'ing...

Beaconsfield Is Jinxed



"Insane. I laughed. Was I supposed to laugh?"
Dennis Leary, Comedian

"I nearly threw up-"
Rachael Ray, The Food Network

Chris Dohse, Dance Magazine

"Borrows from Scorcese, Paul Taylor, Fodor's Travel Guide and Hockey Night in Canada. A no-budget video, 'Beaconsfield is Jinxed' seems to be about alienation, disappointment and hopelessness on the one hand, and comedy, music and a surreal mixture of dance on the other. I don't get it, to be honest, but it's strangely entertaining. A reluctant BIG thumbs up!"
Richard Roeper, Chicago Tribune

"Repulsive, disgusting, god-awful. I am not gay."
Senator Larry Craig

"I'm in it!"
Kago Ai, j-pop princess

"Lol, you're in all these videos, you dumbass!"
Nozomi Tsuji, j-pop princess


The true story:

- Oct. 13 -- Mila Voynova and her daughters Iva, 17, and Alice, 10, were found shot to death in their beds in Beaconsfield, near Montreal. The girls' father died of wounds from an apparent suicide attempt after the murders.

This is not the first time a tragedy has occurred in the area, nicknamed “The Bermuda Triangle” because of the numerous murder/suicides that have occurred here in the past decade.

In April 1995 Rev. Frank and Evelyn Toope were bludgeoned to death by three teenagers who broke into their home on St. Charles Blvd.

In 2001, John Bauer killed his wife, three sons, his business partner and his father-in-law, set fire to the family home in Kirkland then killed himself.

Also in 2001, a young man killed his parents, Ed and Margaret Fertuck in their Beaconsfield home and then died after he jumped in front of a train on the CP rails.

In August 2003, Phillip Gonzales stabbed and killed his father in a dispute in the family home on Creswell St. in Beaconsfield.

The four tragedies in Beaconsfield, including this latest one, all occurred within 1/2 (one half) km of each other.

Montreal Gazette