These files are all in the 50-100mb range. They are mostly dance files (pornography to you) that are set to music. You'll need to be on hi-speed internet to view properly. Most are flash files and may take a minute to load. If you are offended by nudity, please don't watch.

11.11 Jacora - dances to Bob Mould's Explode and Make Up (this is a step forward, even if it might not seem it)

10.10 Ayana, Jennifer & Kumiko - dance to Rocks Off w/no nudity and yet...

09.10 Tina Yuzuki - Jonsi (more art than dance porn)

07.10 Aya Fukunaga & Yoko - dance to Avril's Girlfriend (near enough to perfect)

06.10 Irie PamPam vs. Disneyland - this is the bare necessities

05.10 Phatty Maria and friends - dance to NIN.

04.10 Mico vs. Paul Mauriats' Love is Blue - this one is near perfect

03.10 Michelle Jui vs. Sonic Youth's Superstar (the Carpenters) - one of the most creative files on this site. not quite a dance vid. more like mig porn.

02.10 Irene Fah vs. The Outfields' Your Love - Thai superstar Irene Fah. proof there is a god and he's in agreement.

10.09 Japan Reggae gogo girls w/Amara vs. DJ Swamis' Ching Ching - good dancing & fun music

08.09 Yoko vs. Byrne & Eno's Jezebel Spirit - this is a good one, but scary for you to watch, esp if you're catholic - every image in this you have been trained to fear. good luck, you may need to bathe in bleach. (definitely one of the better files on this site on many levels - enjoy!)

07.09 Kogal gogo girl vs. Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 - girl on top of stairs dances to song she's never heard of - awesome

06.09 Momo vs. Johnny Nash' I Can See Clearly Now - Momo is one of the best dancers in Japan reggae dance scene (this one is super-clean, and she's a fine, albeit awkward dancer, making this palatable for even you)

04.09 Latina web cam gogo girls vs. Metro Stations' Shake It - Latina LaBamba's shake it on their web cams in their underwear, what could be wrong(?)

03.09 Yoko, Nana, Rui, Rina & friends vs. Elton Johns' Saturday Night - very good dancing from Yoko & Co. (mig makes good porn - again, a birthday gift for Steel)

02.09 Min vs. Genesis' Carpet Crawlers & Manfred Manns' Blinded By The Light - this is available as .wmv dl only. spoiler alert: it's the same girl all the way thru

01.09 Kiho & Kitami vs. Honeyroots' Echo Location - this is first adventure into camera tracking, where original camera movement was captured w/extraordinarily complicated mathematical algorithm, then objects (text in this case) placed into scene, appearing as though on the correct plane and movement of original camera movement. don't understand it, never mind, it's a good video w/Kiho & Kitami, two of the better dancers out of Japan dance reggae movement.

12.08 Yoko vs. George Harrisons' Give Me Love (Peace On Earth) - this file is interesting in that it is the only one that has no edits. movement was time remapped start to finish.

11.08 Aya Fukunaga vs. ELOs' Do Ya - Aya Fukunaga is brilliant. Now retired, she is one of the better Japan AV dancers (along with friend, Yoko). she was meant to dance to this song, so I told her she had to, and she said, "Ok."

10.08 Madoka vs. Gordon Lightfoots' If I Could Read Your Mind - this has original remix of song by JRCrowley. the original version did not have a drum beat. Madoka is super-fine dancer, and this is giddy-good if you are familiar with the song.

09.08 Yoko vs. Crystal Methods' Born Too Slow - one of my personal favourites. unfortunately the song is probably too intense for you. Yoko is queen of Japan AV dance, and she's awesome here.

08.08 Maiki & Misaki vs. Rascal Flatts' Life is a Highway - this is a nice vid for lightweights who are offended by scary-looking girls with slanty eyes. Maiki & Misaki have slanted eyes, but they appear in this while selling vehicles in a used car lot to a ridiculous cow-poke country song. it all works, and everyone is having fun and no one gets hurt.

07.08 Aya Fukunaga vs. NIN's Wish - this was one of my earlier favourites. it's still good, but it will give you the creeps, so stay away.

06.08 Mishulan vs. ACDC's You Shook Me - Mishulan comes out of the Japan reggae dance movement. she's good. also appearing in this are North Korean traffic cops. you have to see it to believe it.

06.08 Sonia Isiand vs. Orbitals' Satan Sonia Isiand is one of the best belly dancers in the world. she never thought of dancing to Orbital, but then when she heard the song, she agreed to do it, so we made it happen and it all turned out well, and everyone lived happily ever after.

05.08 unknown modern dancer vs. The Cure's Push - this is an unknown modern dancer who's video went viral on YouTube. it's quick and she's freaky good.

04.08 unknown web cam girl vs. The Umbrellas' City Lights - the raw file was taken from a video site, and was probably only 6fps. the trick was to create frames where there weren't any. the quality is low, due to low frame rate. (it's a web cam, silly) the girl seems to be enjoying herself anyway, as she watches herself dance to a song she's never heard of

03.08 Jadea vs. Rolling Stones' Jumping Jack Flash - Jadea is from the Japan reggae dance movement. the original file not only had a low frame rate but it would not cooperate with frame blending. I never did figure that one out. never mind, it's fun to watch, but the quality is low. one of the first I did.