Go Wide World

Starring: Kid Korea, MC Hammers x 4, Double U, Fat Girl, Yua Aida

Running Time: about 10 minutes

File Size: 60mb, rendered at 450 x 350 pixels

Meta Tags: music, dance, asian chicks, comedy, keyframing & masking

The video was inspired by a joke email sent by a friend showing a picture of a fat, ugly woman. I can't remember what the joke was, but this video basically demonstrates a contrast between a fat, ugly woman and what is arguably a near-perfect-looking human being. That was the starting point. There is some mild nudity and swearing but no pornography. If you are offended by nudity or swearing, then don't watch it. It is completely non-violent. The kids will enjoy watching this video, as will your spouses.

The file size is quite large by internet standards, and it will take several minutes to download on a fast connection, depending on your computer, internet speed, and how many programs you have running. (A test on my computer took under 2 minutes, but I seem to be blessed with super hi-speed.)

The video was rendered at a size of about 450 x 350 pixels and is best watched at that size, or the WMP's default 100%, (but not full screen). You'll need your sound turned on.

"Realism consists in revealing the surprising things which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing."
Jean Cocteau, some french guy