What they're saying about Kago Ai's poker game:

"I'd be surprised if she even has a brain." Daniel Nagreaneau

"She's cute. Is she legal yet?" Phil Laak

"She's a machine. Better find a softer game." Howard Lederer

"She should stick Pai Gow. Better yet, jump rope." Antonio Esferandiari

"One time, she called me down to the river on a four-suited, four-connected board, and she had no piece of either, only bottom pair, and she took my whole stack! I think she might be retarded."
Layne Flack

So how would you like to see a 16 year-old, texas holdem-playing idiot savant who can't speak english and can barely speak Japanese (and Japanese is her native tongue). She can't count to ten; she fishes in an olympic size swimming pool in a dingy; she carries a bowl of rice in her backpack wherever she goes; and, she plays her hole cards based on whether or not their colours match.

How much fun is that? It's hilarious! Wind her up and just watch her go!

...the video is 15 minutes long and is about 20mb in size. It will take about 3-4 minutes on hi-speed to download.

"Dude, that's a big file! Is it worth the download?"
"Lol, it has Kago

movie film. all games
in it - take a guess."

Shuffle up and deal...

Watch the video and play poker with Kago!

If you're interested in learning any of this, see more of princess Kago here. She'll tell you how it's done.