Tiny Dancer - Kid Boa      
    Everyone has seen a little kid play a violin or piano like they were born to do it. There's a lot of talented kids out there. But I guarantee you've never seen a 9 year old kid like this...

The video below is about 4 minutes long. It's small in size due to web compression from wherever I got the source video from, which was probably YouTube.

This version here, however, has been edited. If you're interested in seeing the original video (with original music), search for it at any of the video sites, such as YouTube.

The original music in the unedited version of the video of this kid dancing is sung by talented Korean pop star, Park Ji Yoon. Also, the choreography that is used here is ripped straight out of Park Ji Yoon's video from the song, Sunginshik. That's the whole point actually, but you'd need to be familiar with Korean pop to understand. If you like what you see below, then go back and click on the link for Park Ji Yoon's, Sunginshik. See if you recognize anything familiar. (Eventually I hope to put these two up against one another in a dance-off.)

btw, there are threads at most of the sites that house internet videos with this kid dancing that debate whether or not it's appropriate for someone this young to be able to move their body in this way. No surprise there's a lot of people that think this is way too much hoochie-ness for a 9 year old. You can read that over there. I don't care about that. This kid can flat out dance. She's a fly girl, just way ahead of her time. Check it out.