Oct. 08

October '08

Chinese olympic gymnast update: stuck at the very bottom of the back page of the SF Chronicle's sports page this week, between stories about a guy who caught a 10lb trout in the Sac river, and Helen 'NeedlePoint' Smithers, the 99 year old who shot her age at golf, was this: "Documents confirm all six members of China's gold medal team at the Beijing Games were old enough to compete," the International Gymnastics Federation said.

End of Story.


recipe - Baked Chicken


That sounds retarded, and I'm not talking about the recipe for chicken.

Say what? A veteran sex crimes prosecutor in my county (Contra Costa County), a goof named Michael Gressett, was arrested the other day for rape. His attorney, Michael Cardoza, said "Everybody that knows him is exceedindly shocked by these allegations."

Typical Raider Nation. Oakland Raider defensive tackle, Tommy Kelly, was arrested for DUI. During the off-season he was given a seven-year contract worth $50 million, $20 million guaranteed, making him the highest paid defensive tackle in the league. He spoke with reporters at the start of training camp and was vocal about being one of the team leaders. The season has just begun, so he's obviously off to a flying start. Bravo!

As the world turns. Firefighters down south, in San Diego, are suing the city for alleged sexual harrassment while participating in the 2007 gay pride parade. Apparently some gay guys on the parade route were whistling. The city position is that riding a fire truck during a gay parade is no different than any other public-relations duties.

Fuck a Duck. People attempting to order the new duck stamps via telephone from the government post office have been met with a woman's voice telling them to "talk to the girls that turn you on." Seems the government transposed two numbers in the 800 number, directing callers to a phone sex line instead of the place to buy stamps. That's not fowl - that's fishy!, and funny, too!



Madoka - beautiful

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