March '10

With one major tragic exception, the Olympic games in Vancouver were a huge success. The best events in the games seemed to come out of the newest sports of snowboarding, short-track speedskating, aerials, and recent addition, speedskatings' team pursuit. The best performance of the

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games goes to Korean figure skater, Kim Yu Na. There won't be another figure skating performance like that in our lifetime. And congratulations to all the elite women figure skaters who put on the best show at the Olympics. Two young Americans, a heart-broken Canadian, two gorgeous and talented Japanese women, and finally, the uber-beauty of all-time figure skaters, Kim Yu Na. Bravo!


Good marks go to NBC for covering the games and educating the Americans aboot what and who all that snow is up there in the nation to their north, which they now know is Canada, and not Mexico, which is actually to their south. There's a difference.

The original cost for the games was estimated at $660 million of public money. By the times the games arrived, the cost had risen to $6 billion. Security was estimated at $175 million, but actually cost more than $1 billion. Canada can curl (scratch that, they can't curl), Canada can play hockey, but they just don't use a calculator very well. "How many zeros are in a billion, eh?" answer - "I don't know, either, I'm Canadian."


Congratulations to Ai Miyazato, the Japanese golfer on the LPGA, who last week won her second tournament in a row, the first two events on the LPGA schedule. And congrats also goes to Momoko Ueda & Hee Young Park, two golfers coming off their rookie years, and who both were in the hunt on the final days of both events. Hee Young Park is an especially welcome addition to the LPGA. The female golf commentator remarked, "I wonder if she gets a discount on the shorts she's wearing... I mean, there really isn't much material."



Here is a small video that I did recently that was made solely with two images. Hollywood on a budget. Estimated cost? Zero. Actual cost? Zero. Odds of you understanding what I'm talking about, and what you're about to see? Zero. Enjoy. I'll call this, "Anne Marie & Pierre visit the butterfly zoo" somewhere in the south while on a cruise.


One last note about the Olympics:

Winner of the gold medal for best answer to a question from a reporter goes to Norwegian cross-country skier Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset, who, when asked to explain his poor performance, said, "I fucked up today. I think I have been watching too much porn in the last 14 days. I think it was the reason I fucked up. By the way, Tiger Woods is a very good man."
(no joke, that's what he said)


Speaking of porn, this is a very interesting file. Two people can watch this and see two completely different things. I'm not interested in what you think, but check it out, and see if you can come to some conclusion about how you feel about it. Good luck in trying to watch this, you're going to need it. So turn it up way loud, and enjoy! Michelle Jui