Nov 08

In a study reported in the

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Journal of Fish Biology, scientists confirmed the second case of a "virgin birth" in a shark. A female Atlantic blacktip shark in the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center gave birth but contained no genetic material from a male. It turns out, "virgin births" have been proven in some bony fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

What about Jesus?

In Jerusalem, two antiquity dealers are on trial for possibly faking the burial casket of Jesus' brother. The casket was inscribed, "James son of Joseph brother of Jesus." Jesus had a brother? I didn't know that. Imagine living up to that...Jesus for a big brother - that sucks. On your first day of school the teacher says, "James... I had your brother Jesus in my class last year. Can you do all those cool tricks, too?"
So you try out for the water polo team, and the coach says, "If you can't walk on water like your brother, then get the hell out of my pool!"
Or you enter Ophthalmology school after your brother Jesus had already graduated (with the highest honors possible), and the teacher says, "Dude, you got a lot to live up to. Your brother was a maniac at fixing vision."
Or how about something simple, something recreational, like going fishing with your brother Jesus, for example... there's no fun in that!
How about going to the bar with your big bro, Jesus. You're scoping out the chicks, you see a few hot ones, you're thinking of making some hip moves when you see your brother Jesus over at the bar doing all his stupid shit again, like turning water into wine, clearing up someone's acne, making the maraschino cherries do the cha-cha, it never ends with this big bag of wind. The women eat it up, too. It's a dog & pony show, for christ sakes! How are you going to compete with that? Who do you think is getting laid tonight? Huh?


In political news, Stephen Harper led the Conservative Party to victory in Canada over the Liberal Party, led by Stephane Dion, a french-speaking Quebecer. Rob Gillies, of the Associated Press, reported that Dion lost because he "frequently mangles English grammar and his accent makes him difficult to understand."

While the Democrats are poised to win the U.S. election to be held next week, don't overlook Sarah Palin for President in 2012.

I think she's got a shot.


The final table for the 2008 WSOP will be held live (or same day tape) on November 11th on ESPN. I watched the lead-up to the final table, and the winner will be one of these three: David (Chino) Rheem, Ylon Schwartz or Ivan Demidov. There's a couple of LAGS at the table who have an outside shot: Peter Eastgate & Craig Marquis. They might make it interesting. Otherwise it's a really weak table. No one else stands a chance. It will likely be Demidov heads up against either Schwartz or Rheem.


The dance vids have been receiving some interesting comments. I heard from one person that if I removed the videos from the site he'd hunt me down and kill me. Another person wrote to complain that I was "promoting sex workers, sex slaves and sluts"and that the videos should be "banned".





Aya Fukunaga 2

- all arms and legs. This girl takes the cake. Glorious. (3 min)


Team DoggyStyle

- you won't have a more entertaining two minutes in your day than this, guaranteed.