November, 07
American Carolina Zhang will win the gold medal in women's figure skating at the 2010 Olympics. You can bet your house on it.  
Garbage - Did you know there's a big floating garbage dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? I didn't either. A thousand miles off the coast of California is a soupy mass of plastic and marine debris that's too large, remote and fragile to clean up. It sits just under the surface of the water, from one inch down to 300 feet. It's undetectable by satellite because it's 80% plastic and is translucent. Here's how it happens: If you throw a plastic bottle down a storm drain in San Francisco, for example, the bottle eventually makes its way into the Pacific, then gets swept up in the current and taken out into the ocean, swirling around for weeks in a clockwise trade wind that circulates along the Pacific Rim, eventually finding itself in the oceans' toilet known as the North Pacific Gyre, the world's largest, stewing mass of plastic shit. Instead of biodegrading, it will photodegrade, due to the sun, and become brittle and break into tiny pieces, some as small as particles. The mass is estimated at 3 million tons and covers an area twice the size of Texas. That's gross. btw, what do you call cheese that's not your cheese? Nacho cheese.