Congratulations to the snoopy dog who won the Westminister Dog Show. It was the first time a beagle has won this event in 132 years.


I was in Starbucks waiting in line. Einstein was in front of me looking into the pastry case at the grossly overpriced baked goods. The barista asked him, "What can I get you?" and he points at something and says, "What's that?" And she responds, "That's a pumpkin scone." (never mind it had a label) And he says, "What's in it?"

The next day I read in the paper that an American navy cruiser launched a missile 130 miles into the air and smashed a dying and potentially deadly US spy satellite. Here's the freaky part. They needed to hit not just the bus-sized satellite, but a specific area of that satellite, and, they did it, and, the satellite was traveling at 17,000mph.

So I have to wonder, "How is it that we live in a world where people can shoot a missile 130 miles into the air, hit something about as big as a washing machine going 17,000mph, but someone from the same species cannot read the label that says pumpkin scone, and when told what it is, asks, "What's in it?"

Speaking of space, an asteroid is coming very close to blowing a big hole in Mars. There's a 1 in 300 chance, which sounds like a longshot, unless Mars plays poker at PokerStars, in which case that planet is dead.

Cupid Stupid. A Charleston, West Virginia radio station, Rock 105, held a contest for Valentine's Day. The winner of the contest won a free divorce.

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