Dec. 08

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning the election here in the US! I'm a Republican and even I'm happy. "A change be a comin'. Yes we can!"

In other political news, Canada's opposition parties are trying to oust the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper with a no-confidence vote. In case you didn't know, a no-confidence vote, combined with some hostile-looking finger wagging and shouting across the aisle in the House of Commons, are Canada's version of a bloody coup.

I was at the gym, working out on a cardio machine, and in front of me, in another row of machines, was a young woman with a really nice ass who was wearing sweat pants that had the words "UNIV OF PINK" boldly emblazoned across her ass. I wondered, "What is? What eee-dat?", and then I figured it out: she was campaigning for Bush.

Plaxico Burress, the star wide receiver for the New York Giants, accidentally shot himself in the leg while in a nightclub in NY. His lawyer asked that everyone "withhold judgment until the facts come out." Plaxico Burress, who plays for the NY Giants, was in a nightclub and accidentally shot himself in the leg.

NIN's new album, The Slip, is available on their site as a free download. Asked why they were giving away their music for free, Trent Reznor, the lead singer, said, "Because people need stuff to fill their IPODS." Months earlier, Radiohead put their new album, In Rainbows, on their site, and asked their fans to download the album and pay whatever they wanted. Metallica meanwhile... oh, never mind.

Have you ever had someone ask you something, and you thought, "Why don't they just google it?" Here's a funny site that allows you to put this problem to use. Let's say someone asks me, "Is Europe a country?" Instead of just telling them, "Google it," you can send them this link - "Is Europe a country?"

If you want to have your own fun with this, the official link is:

This is the horniest monologue you'll ever hear about a TV. Thank you, Bjork!


Yoko, the one and only

- it's a Perry Como kind of Xmas. Enjoy!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!