Dec 07

Looks like I won't make my goal weight. I should stop eating so many peanuts. Speaking of nuts... there were some people who enjoyed the recipe for the ribs, so here's one for honey roasted nuts. If you're lucky you can buy these in the store, but they're hard to find, so I came up with a recipe that works. And it's easy:

Honey Roasted Nuts




Kathy Griffin is hilarious. She's had a hate-hate relationship with network and cable television. She won an emmy this year for her TV show on Bravo. See and hear her acceptance speech and see why celebrities hate her so much, and that includes you, Jesus.

"You can suck it, Jesus!"

An added funny to this story is this speech put the Catholic League all out of their stockings, and their president, Bill Donohue, called her an 'athiest...bitch'.


There's a new compositing tutorial over here, and it includes a demo vid that doesn't involve women whatsoever, so if you're tired of all the pictures & videos of half-naked women on this site, well, at least now you'll have something to look at by just watching the paint dry in a kitchen remodel done on a computer. You believe that right? This is a graphics page, so if you're looking for something sexy you're clicking the wrong links.


Pornography - no fugly please because it's not funny or erotic. (1 min)