Photoshop Iran
This is a photo of a launch of Iranian missiles last month. You can see the missile in the centre of the image failed to launch.
This is the image of the 'same' launch posted on the front pages of the NY Times, LA Times, Palm Beach Post and Chicago Tribune. Eureka. Notice the two base-plumes of smoke/debris from the two rockets on the right. They're the same. This is an okay fake, so I don't want to get all out of my skirt over this gaffe by Tehran's photoshoppers. It fooled the Times. In the future they should go the extra ruble and fix that cloning problem. It only takes a minute. They should know that.
Here's Mig's fake launch. This one's more believable. It would fool anyone. The plumes of smoke at the base of the fake rocket, 2nd from right, has a bit of depth from the dissipation of its plumes and the way the debris/smoke is interacting, appearing slightly rear of the other three rockets. And there isn't that tell-tale semblance of smoke at the base, which is just plain sloppy work. So Iran, if you need some covert photoshop work done, I'm unemployed and ready to start tomorrow. Bombs away!
Persian girl, in mig's missile flair dress.