December '09

Merry Christmas!

This is the month that everyone gains weight, unless you're poor and don't have any money to buy food. If you're not poor and are concerned about gaining too much weight this holiday season, rent the documentary Food, Inc. and you'll save yourself about ten pounds, because once you find out where your food is coming from, what exactly is in your food (that you didn't know about) and the treatment of the animals that are used to feed us, you'll probably be so grossed out that you won't eat for two days. I'm going to hypnotize myself and forget I ever watched that movie, because I want to eat another donut.

Obesity cost the US health care system roughly 150 billion dollars last year. If you took the 400 richest Americans and had them pay for obesity for one year, they'd only have a little more than a trillion dollars left. They'd practically be broke! 150 billion dollars to treat obesity is 2x greater than what it cost ten years ago. We're getting fatter and fatter, and the health care system is getting broker and broker.
Check out the movie. You'll never look at corn the same way again. I promise.


Catholics are choking on their clerical collars over a PETA poster. Here's the picture that they're upset about.
I thought it was a nice picture myself, however, I think PETA should've hired me to do the job because I would've made it look a little better. (see mig's version)

Speaking of photoshopped, check out this major gaffe on Demi Moore's cover photo by the digital 'experts' at this magazine.
Those people get paid a lot of money to make those mistakes.

Computer graphics take up an enormous amount of a computers' resources and my computer is going south so I'm getting a new one delivered next week. That's why the promised Kago update is not done. I can tell you that she got her driver's license recently. It took her three tries before she passed. (The second try doesn't really count because she slept in and missed her appointment.) For those of you who don't know Kago Ai, then click around and find some background files on this site - she's everywhere.
In a nutshell, she is my nominee for Ambassador to World Peace and Global Dimwittedness. Here's a teaser below - this is what she looks like now. Not bad for a fat, ugly, loser chick who was fired by HelloProject/Morning Musume for being a brat. Now she's all grown up, and more popular than any graduate of that project, and will be starring in the next Grudge film. Who's laughing now? Kago, that's who.
Anyway, you may think this is enough of an update for Kago for your taste, but just to be sure, check back in a month - you won't believe your eyes.


Finally, this is a music video directed by Agust Jacobsson for Sigur Ros, and I am sharing it here in the spirit of Christmas.

Sleepwalking Angels - w/Perlan Theatre Group