November '10

Finally we have something to cheer about in the world of the big 4 sports - the SF Giants win the World Series made up of a bunch of players no one wanted, and a pitching staff that was home grown. Bravo Giants! Thank you!

Here Comes The Freak is a song written by a local SF band to celebrate the Giants ace, Tim Lincecum. You probably have to be a fan, but it's worthwhile if you are. If you go to the link, let it load first, you knucklehead.


Movie of the month - Revanche (best movie I've seen in many months - start to finish)


Congratulations to Jimin Kang for winning the LPGA event a couple weeks ago. She can't go wrong looking like that. Well done, scoring birdies on 17 & 18 to steal the tournament away from... uh, someone, someone who looked like a dyke, whoever it was I can't remember, but she wasn't happy about this dimwit sinking those two putts. (not that there's anything wrong with being a dyke, it's just not as much fun to look at as Jimin Kang)


IPhone App - there's a really cool little utility app for you IPhone called Shazam. Maybe I'm late to the game and you already know about this one, but if not, it's cool. Let's say you're in Starbucks and there's a song on the speakers and you don't know the name of the song but want to know so you can go home and steal the song off the internet - with Shazam all you have to do is press a button and point your phone at the sound of the music and voila, your phone tells you the name of the song. It's free.


The Catholic Church will take you thru the backdoor, but won't let you in the front. About a 100 survivors of clergy sex abuse were on a peaceful march leading to St. Peter's Square the other day when they were stopped and turned away by the police because the Vatican denied them permission to leave two letters from the abused at the Holy See's doorstep. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead going anywhere near that freaky place, but those people are braver than me. The church says only Vatican-sponsored events are allowed at St. Peter's Square. I guess that means we'll have to leave the child cornholing by priests to the backooms of their parishes, as long as it stays away from all those crazy tourists who keep leaving money when they blow out candles and make a wish and voodoo shit like that.

Meanwhile, in our backwards world, Moscow allowed 2000 people to gather and rally demanding freedom of assembly, which is in their constitution. Moscow City Hall puts a 1000 person cap on such rallies, but when 2000 people showed up, they put up their hands and said, "Fuck it, let's have a drink."


You know what the secret to golf really is? Get your weight on your back foot during the backswing, and then swing. It's not rocket science.

Watch, I'll show you how.

btw, if you don't know me, or are not interested in golf, don't click the link. my own mother couldn't be bothered, so I'm probably beating a dead horse. also, if you're wondering, and have followed along with my story, you might be wondering, "How can he do this with a broken back?" The answer is drugs. A lot of drugs. You can see the effects of the drugs by how I can barely stay on my feet while I swing. Also, I'm wearing two braces that are hidden under my clothes. I'm wearing a body brace around my mid-section to keep my spine from cracking, and, I'm wearing another brace down my left leg, which really took the brunt of having my dorsal root nerve nearly obliterated by my shattered L3/L4 disc. All things considered, not bad for someone who broke their back in Feb. of this year, and had surgery in May. My back is back. "Fore!"


Mig porn.


Ok, this is sublime, as usual. I deserve an Oscar. I won't bother getting into the details of why, ('cept to say this starts with a raw file that was less than 20mb and turns into a thing of beauty), so just trust me, I've seen this at least twice and I can tell you, it's amazing.

Here is Jacora, w/little known Bob Mould from now-defuncted Sugar & Huskur Du. You're going to like this better if you're drunk. I almost felt like I was there, and I don't drink or do drugs (except Dilaudid, Norco, Lexapro, Klonopin and a multi-vitamin). But that's just me - you'll probably need to be drunk.

I hope you had a fun & happy Halloween. Thanks for visiting.