Nov. 09

Nov. 09

I watch golf on TV. I enjoying watch the LPGA because that tour is made up of mostly women. The coverage is usually done by either the Golf Channel, or ESPN2. On both networks I've noticed that the Asian players are getting little air time despite dominating that tour. That's understandable on some level. However, these networks take it to the extreme. One day I decided to do an unscientific study by measuring the number of shots shown by Asian players compared with Caucasian Players. Turns out, the study didn't have to be scientific at all, since the network (ESPN2) didn't show a single shot played by an Asian player with the exception of Michelle Wie.

The leader board looked like this:

Not a single shot was shown by any of these players, all Korean, and remember, they were on the first page of the leader board. Instead, the cameras followed groups made up of these players, none of whom were on the leader board:

The study didn't have to be scientific. I didn't even need to count because there were no shots to count. With the exception of Michelle Wie, no shots were shown that were hit by an Asian player.


In other golf news, Doug Barron, a Nationwide Tour player, has just been busted for using steroids.
Meanwhile, John Daly received a suspension at the Australian Open for taking a spectators camera and throwing it against a tree.

That pales in the comparison to the behaviour of tennis star, Serena Williams, who you all saw practically bitch slap a referee for calling a 'foot fault' at the US Open Tennis Championship. Someone described it as "Serena (going) Compton on her ass."
The incident basically involved Serena Williams threatening the referee with her racket and the tennis ball, saying (and I'm paraphrasing), "If you do that again I'm going to shove this fucking ball down your fucking throat!" It was ugly. You know it if you saw it.
Serena lost that point, and since it was match point, lost the match. However, what would have happened had it not been match point? Would she have been suspended from the match for threatening to kill the referee? Unlikely. The following day she participated in the doubles finals with her sister and won the doubles Championship. She was fined $5,000 but earned $600,000 for her performance.

Can you imagine if Natalie Gulbis hit a wayward shot and took a drop for an unplayable lie, which was later deemed to be inches closer to the hole than it should've been, then signed her scorecard (mistake) and was DQ'd?, then took a golf club and waved it in an official's face and threatened to tear him a new ass hole? What would happen? Would Gulbis be suspended?, fined? Yes to both, and she would also probably have to go to treatment for anger management.


The worst places to travel, in a recent study are:

Gold Medal - Somalia - one of the most dangerous places on earth: their own tourist officials recommend hiring at least 10 armed guards to get you from the airport to your hotel (where you can't leave, btw), however they almost never have this problem to deal with, because according to Abdi Jimale Osman, Somalia's minister of tourism, they haven't had an officially acknowledged tourist in 14 years. (no joke, I'm not making that up)

Silver Medal - Lebanon - home to Hezbollah

Bronze Medal - Kenya - the wild animals in Kenya are not in a zoo or a refuge, but on the streets: violent crimes, carjackings, hotel room invasions and random terrorist attacks.

Honorable Mentions:

Yemen - still a developing country (no starbucks in sight) and a lot of Al Queda

Haiti - US State DEPT says, there are no safe areas in Haiti. Most crimes involve carjacking, murder, robbery and kidnapping. (Personally I think this country deserved a medal. It's a sewer.)

Zimbabwe - armed robbery, carjackings, muggings, kidnapping, and tourist scams.

Russia - gets a bad rap here, but they're on the list. the problem is primarily terrorism. They have a stripper factory in that country that pounds out 115 lbs blonde bombshells, so we'll give them a pass. I know I'd like to visit there, and any of those hot stipper chicks that escape that country are welcome to come to visit me at my house and we'll drink Vodka shots and play Twister. No way does Russia belong on this list!

Venezuela - the police are too afraid to go to most places in this country, so they mostly stay home and drink beer and Tequila all day. The surfing is good.

Brazil - this is a bad country. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, but has a murder rate four times higher than the US. It also has high numbers of rape, robberies, kidnappings and most of the population lives in a slum.

Afghanistan - technically this wasn't on the list. I put it there myself. It's deserving. This place sucks - it sucks big-time!, and the sooner the US army gets the hell out, the better. No one is going to fix this country. Their own president, who was recently re-elected in a controversial election, is the President of Kabul, nothing else. He doesn't leave the city, and rarely leaves his palace, otherwise he'd be assassinated. The Taliban have a stranglehold on this country, and by putting any more pressure here, more Taliban move east, into Pakistan, and now they're blowing themselves up in markets all over Peshawar and Islamabad. Let them be, keep them in one place, and let them continue to de-evolve; it's not like they're going to build a nuclear bomb or anything... they wipe their asses with their hands and can't read or write for crying out loud. What's the threat?
Oh, and in case you're not paying attention. President Obama wants to send more troops, as if that's going to make any difference.
(Another bank just went under and the tax payers bailed that bank out for 3 billion just a few months ago. Wtf? I thought you were a democrat?)


In environmental news, scientists have found a serious staph infection along beaches and in water on the west coast, from Washington to California. The germ is called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas, a bug rarely found outside a hospital setting. It is now spreading into schools, locker rooms and gyms. It causes nasty skin infections, as well as pneumonia and other life-threatening problems.
Scientists say people shouldn't avoid beaches or be afraid to swim in the water. But they suggest you shower well afterwards, making sure to get all the sand off of you, and don't swallow any water because it contains fecal material. And while you're at it, watch out for sharks.

Swine flu? I'm more worried about the guy next to me on the Stairmaster giving me Staphyl-coccol-aroraborealis.


A movie you'd never think to rent but should: Sin Nombre (Mexico)


This image was culled off the net, showing a jobless man about to lose his unemployment benefits. Coincidentally, next to this image on the net was another image (from an online ad), that one showing a pretty blonde lady selling advice on how to get the highest paying jobs in this tough job market. The timing and placement of the ad couldn't be worse, cuz this guy's about to lose his benefits, his house, and his capacity to breathe.


hoo dat? can you guess?

here is the answer

a better explanation of this will come next month, but for now:

Knew this girl back in junior high school
When nobody gave her a look
Look at what we got, the girl got hot

Oh my goodness me
The girl got hot


I've been experimenting with a new flash 'player'. Here is its first test. The best feature about this player is that you can see it's progress for its download allowing you to click the file almost right away.

This player requires 'source code' the language behind the net, so it takes a little more time to work out, but I think it's worth it.

While in Reno last month I took video of some Chinese acrobats juggling drums with their feet. The video is beautiful and stimulating and I think you're going to enjoy it.

Funny thing, Oakland Raiders pay their wide receivers $10 million dollars a year to drop passes thrown right at them, and yet, these girls can juggle a drum while standing on their heads. I don't get it.