October '09

A couple weeks ago we went to Reno for a small vacation. On this weekend a motorcycle convention was being held (harley's). I've never seen so many motorcycles in my life, and I never will again. Those 'guys' really know how to have a good time. One thing tho, they should consider boning up on their hygiene, cuz they really stink. Stinky, stinky, stinky! Anyway, I took my video camera with me and made a home movie of my weekend in Reno. If you watch this thing you'll probably be wondering about all the 'harley's' and so that explains it - there was a motorcycle convention going on.

I remember how my father used to love making (and showing) home movies. He'd invite the neighbours over and set up the projector, raise the screen, turn off the lights, give everyone a soda and some popcorn and we'd all sit around the living room watching our home movies on a Sunday night. There wasn't any sound to those home movies, that was 40 years ago. And you'd have to wait between reels to reload the projector. It was fun. It's all different now, obviously, with new cameras, computers and cell phones that take video. You can surreptitiously take video wherever you are! My father would've love this, and he probably would've loved my home movie too!

So if you enjoy watching other people's home movies, check this out. Lots of drugs, drinking, gambling, bikers and strip joints. How could I go wrong? Just point the camera and shoot. Yes, I was pretty high the whole time, but it was a fun trip (I won) and if you're ever in town I'll take you up to Reno and this is what you'll see.

I said to wait 5 minutes for it to 'load' into your browser (after clicking the link), but it's probably more like 10 minutes. So grab a soda while the video loads.

I've done my part. I've rounded up the neighbours (that's you), put up the screen (that's your monitor), and now the projector is being loaded (that's the browser). All you gotta do is sit there and watch and try to show some interest (not fall asleep, lol), cuz that might hurt my feelings. Enjoy!

Reno Home Movie


Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro, which was chosen to host the Olympic Games in 2016. The selection was made in Denmark. Michelle & Barrack Obama joined Oprah in Denmark to try to persuade the selection committee to choose Chicago as the site. However, Chicago finished last in the voting. Said Conan O'Brian, "Denmark hasn't seen that many blacks in their country since the last Earth, Wind & Fire tour."


Tiger Woods has become the first athlete to earn over 1 billion dollars. That's a lot of money. Almost unfathomable. Most people I know only understand the number of zero's in the 'thousands' of dollars, and that's what they usually owe on their credit card.

On a much smaller scale than a billion, but still plenty of dollars, the Oakland Raiders (my home team) has spent 84 million in guaranteed salary to 3 top picks in the draft in recent years. Darren McFadden (running back), Jamarcus Russell (quarterback), and Darrius Heyward-Bey (wide receiver). Russell can't pass, McFadden can't run (41 rushes for 140 yards in first 3 games), and after dropping two passes w/zero completions in a game two weeks ago, asked of Heyward-Bey, their multi-millionaire first round draft pick, to assess his performance, he said, "Pretty good - it was solid."


The city of Berkeley, a couple miles from where I live, is the first city in the US to agree to international human rights
treaties, after a City Council vote. Next on their agenda: raising parking meter rates 25 cents an hour, to $1.50. If you've ever been to Berkeley you'd know how colossally retarded this is.


Dead Celebs:

Jim Carroll - singer, writer, philosopher, drug addict (see Basketball Diaries)
Summer Squall - a grade 1 Triple Crown winning thoroughbred (of natural causes at age 20)
Michael Jackson - Jimmie Kimmell says he's not dead yet


Movie you'd never think to rent but should:

Yela (Germany) - suspense, drama, along the lines of Momento

Two excellent tv shows you should try are Glee (comedy/musical on Fox) and Modern Family (sitcom sans laugh track,on ABC). Finally, tv is getting it right.

Not so fast, Sally...the other night I was clicking through the channels and came across 'Survivor'. I thought it was a rerun, but no. It's sill on! What a piece of crap! Think about it, they film the show in far-off, exotic locations, but they could just as well shoot this reality show in Burbank or Culver City, behind the parking lot of a tv studio, back behind the bushes somewhere, with the HOllywood sign in the background - no one would care, most wouldn't know the difference, and it wouldn't matter. As a 'challenge' in the show, the contestants could raid the homeless camps of L.A. for supplies (tents, pans, beer) and whoever comes up with the most cool stuff gets immunity.

Happy Halloween!


Let it Load

The files that appear below are usually in the 60-70mb range in size. If you want to view the file, I'd recommend clicking the link, then wait a couple minutes to let the video load into your browser before hitting the play button. These are progressive downloads, and if your connection is at all slow, or if the server is slow on my side, the video will begin to play and then halt. So you may need to be patient. Enjoy!



Amara w/Japan Reggae - dance video - it's an all-out super-gay dance party. You're going to love this! Awesome! (I've seen it.)

(I said to wait about 3 minutes before clicking the 'PLAY' button, but it's probably more like 5 minutes.

God doesn't appear in this one, but it's been screened by a dead prophet and he smiled, saying...

"That was quite good." Ghandi