August 2010

Once I understood how to use the new Iphone I bought last month, it occurred to me that I can now pull out my phone at almost any time, and almost any where and take a picture or a video. (I know, you've already figured all that out on your own a long time ago, but I'm still new at this.)
The video & image quality is excellent. So that's one of the things I'll be doing more of as the months go by, chronicling every day events with a camera that's hidden in a phone, that's probably surreptitously taking a video of the person next to me stirring cream into their coffee at Starbucks, and hopefully she's a girl, and hopefully she's wearing a low cut top with a lot of bosom. And then I'll share it with you!
My first video is below. I recently had to take numerous trips into Oakland. Not my favourite place in the world, but as long as you can 'duck', you can drive through Oakland. I only live ten miles away, but it's always a 'trip' because in order to get to Oakland I need to drive through a notoriously congested section of Highway 80. Most people who don't live in California would think that Los Angeles is a dead zone for driving, but the Bay Area is actually worse, and Highway 80 is 'the' worst. (Highway 80 connects the East Bay with Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, and was built mostly on the water's edge of the SF Bay and so there is now no way to widen the road. West of the highway is environmentally protected and east of the highway are homes and businesses.)
So watch the video if you're interested, and take a ride with me to Oakland.
Oh, and btw, I posted this to my Facebook page, and it didn't qualify for even one comment, or even a 'LIKE'. But you.... you will enjoy a minute of my life.
  Last month I made a video that I called Dancing Lines. If you haven't seen it, check the archives for July. Basically it's a video of a particle system that is connected to music and looks to be almost alive. That file was used as a partial explanation of some of what goes on in all of these asian porn dancing videos found on this site. I made the argument that anything can be made to dance (or move) to music, even a tree. So here's the tree in front of my house dancing. (It's a little hard to tell from the video because there's little reference, but the tree is about 50 feet high. It's a big tree, and getting it to dance wasn't easy. First I needed to water it with an ecstacy-laced hose, then I needed to turn the music up really loud, invite my drunk friends over for a party, and then the tree loosened up and cooperated.) Enjoy.
The music from this was made available by Moby, who has offered some of his material for free to movie makers, videographers, etc. Thank you to Moby for the music. You can download his free material here.

People send me all kinds of magic videos. But the magic shown in those videos is stage magic, the kind where a lady gets cut in half, or she changes her wardrobe in a nanosecond, or maybe a tiger appears out of nowhere. That type of magic is crap. All magicians know that, even the people who do that type of magic. It's literally smoke and mirrors. Here is a sample of something really beautiful. His name is Brian Platt and he specializes in 'sleeving' and a bizarre application of the 'muscle pass'. This is extraordinary. Bravo!

Check it out.

Here is a picture of where I found my golf ball recently on the par 4, #13 hole, after hitting the approach shot from 180 yards. I knew it was going to be close, but wasn't counting on this.  


This past month saw the use of social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace outkick emails as the biggest time wasters used by people on the internet. In other words, most people spend their internet time using Facebook, followed by emails. Not surprising, since most people in our current civilization are carrying around a big empty hole in their head & heart, me included. I have a Facebook account; I'm no different. The only difference between me and everyone else is I spend most of my time on the internet looking at porn.

This video of Tina Yuzuki isn't quite a 'dance' video, but it's all the same, so it may as well be a dance video. It is amazing. I've seen it, a couple times. I did make a mistake in rendering this file by neglecting to render it in stereo. I'm using a different flash converter and I'm still gettting to know that program, so I apologize for the depth in the audio. However, most will be too busy 'looking', so maybe it doesn't matter. What I wonder is, 'How does he get away with it?' I also didn't make a thumbnail, so you won't know what you're in for until you click the link below. But don't worry, I guarantee this is the best porn you'll see until next month.

Here is Tina Yuzuki.


Thanks for visiting, may the Facebook be with you, and enjoy the rest of your summer.