January '09

Are you familiar with role-playing games on the internet? Neither am I. What I've discovered is people can 'play house' online. They can build their own life in a virtual world, having a cyber spouse or partner, other friends, a home they decorate, a car they drive, parties they go to, and jobs they keep to maintain their lifestyles. Recently a woman's online husband divorced her, so she took it to the mattress, in real life. When her online hubbie broke it off, she hacked into the online game "Maple Story" and killed her online husband's persona, snuffing out his avatar. He made a complaint to the police, "My avatar has been killed!" The police tracked his avatar's killer down to his former online wife and arrested her in real life for hacking.

"I was suddenly divorced, without a word of warning. That made me so angry," the official quoted her as telling investigators and admitting the allegations.


Here's a beautiful music video. Things to note are its super unsaturated look, and that it was 'almost' shot in one take, which is what Beyonce wanted.
And here's a preschoolers' version of the same. Bravo!

I never got the 'text', errrr... memo.
California outlawed using a cell phone while driving in the fall of '08. A few months later, in January '09, they outlawed 'texting' while driving. Never mind....

Happy New Year!


  Team Kiho & Kitami