June 2010

The video above is a brief video of several images of the BP oil spill. Obviously this should probably be much more gross than it appears here. I have a hard time making things look ugly.



The other day I was in a heated tournament, heads up, w/huge blinds relative to stack sizes and dealt A,10off and was raised. I reraised all-in and was called by A,9off. "Ok," I thought, "...only need to sweat a 3-outer." The flop comes 9,9,9 - for real. And if you turn that upside down it would be 666, in which case I would've won the tournament but gone to hell. I don't know what the odds of that are, but doing the math in my head, it's something in the neighbourhood of 17,000/1, which only happens to me once a week, tops. I had to laugh at this tho, cuz that's so remarkable that it's worth seeing. Plus, my opponent was a good player and he played the hand properly. So, it's all good. (ever notice when people say, "It's all good," they really mean, "It's all bad"?)

Kago was laughing her ass off at me over this one. She said, "How can you reraise with crap like A,10? All you can beat is A9?"
"Yeah, I know, but he had A9-"
"But he flopped three 9's, you dummy. You should've known that would happen!"
"You're right, as usual."
"You play poker like a big donkey, Rogers. I laugh at you."


A couple weeks ago a father and his college-aged son were shopping in downtown Oakland in broad daylight when the son was beaten on by two teens. The father, who was an old man, jumped in to save his son and the two teens beat him to death. Here are the mug shots. Your job is to determine which two, of the three pictured in this line-up, were the assailants. No guessing allowed.

bieber rules



The 'witness' theme continues in this interesting card experiment. This is a trick from the late, great Chicago card man, Ed Marlo, from his excellent book, Marlo Without Tears, which was bought for me by my sister, Margaret. I enjoy this type of thing. This is called The Latest Observation Test.


Congratulations to Sun Young Yoo who won the Sybase Match Play Championship. Here's a joyful picture for you.

And here's a player on the KLPGA who is about to make her way to the LPGA. Check it out. Her name is Han Neul Kim.


And now how about some porn. How about some levity. How about some good old fashion hip shaking, to go along with a trip to Disneyland. You deserve it. Here's Irie PamPam, one of the only redheads in Japan, and certainly the only redhead in Japan who can move her ass in different directions at the same time. Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.