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  May '09            
      Roxana Saberi, an American born journalist of Iranian/Japanese descent was recently arrested in Iran for buying a bottle of wine. Iran followed that up by charging her for working as a reporter without press credentials. Somehow this morphed into her being charged with espionage. She has been convicted and will now be spending a long time in an Iranian prison. Look at that face. The only place this woman could be guilty of spying is if she was in a James Bond movie. Otherwise, she's just a gorgeous-looking woman who doesn't want to wear a burka because then she'd have to keep removing the fabric that hides her face to drink her glass of wine. As Kathy Griffin likes to say, "They can all suck it."  

I was paying for my groceries at the supermarket when the checkout girl tried to get me involved in a conversation about swine flu. I just nodded, "Yeah, swine flu..." The man behind me in line chimed in, "That swine flu happened because some Mexican slept with a pig." I said, "No, the swine flu happened because nature is using a pig as a conduit to kill all retarded people." (Where is that bridge?)

Here's what Kago has to say about swine flu.


Oh Canada

The NFL draft was held this past week and as their number 1 choice, the Oakland Raiders selected Darrius Heyward-Bey, a wide receiver. Oakland fans were disappointed by this pick and emails went flying in to the local sports writers. David White, a SF Chronicle reporter wrote an article about the fuss, and in the article I found this paragraph, "Think of them as circling the wagons, from Nova Scotia to Canada, Miami to Virginia, Denver to Seattle - " Stop, you get it.

Speaking of Canada, did you know Canadians are like mashed potatoes without gravy? This is true, according to recent comments made by brainiac Billy Bob Thornton. He was on tour with his hokey band mates - thinks he's a musician now, and his ex-wife is Mother Teresa in case you weren't paying attention - and Billy Bob had a confrontational interview with a CBC radio host. Not surprisingly, Canadians didn't take his comments favourably, and that is how that word is spelled, by the way, and when he came on stage they boo'd him and chanted, "Here's the gravy! Here's the gravy!" Billy Bob, from migrogers to you, "Here's the gravy."

Wow, that was harsh. Didn't expect that, did you?


My mother's been complained to me about all the girls that appear on this web site wearing thongs and wiggling their asses in front of a camera. She thinks I have talent, but I'm not using it properly. I think she's wrong. Steel would agree, and when someone figures out what I'm doing here, maybe they'll give me a prize. So I think I'll need to put up another disclaimer because some people don't know how to read english. Or maybe they know how to read english, they understand it, ignore it, then complain because their set of standards are different from mine, even though they've been warned in advance that the link they're about to click on is NSFM. That is short for Not Safe For Mom. Please, stop complaining and enjoy the show.

Here's a nice picture to go along with that thought.

And now for the always popular dance video for the month. In honour - that's how that word is spelled - of the swine flu, I bring you the Pocahontas Polka. At just 3 minutes long, and just 30mb in size, just about anyone on any internet connection can view this in a snap. It's free, it's entertaining, and just about anyone can watch it, including my mother. Enjoy.

  Latina web cam dance celebration, the Pocahontas Polka, starring gorgeous latina women dancing in their underwear. Enjoy.