March 09

Congratulations to Nadya Suleman for having 8 babies in one litter, to go along with the other 6 bambinos she already had in storage in her mother's basement. To celebrate the achievement, Denny's restaurant has begun offering a new breakfast item, called the "Nadya Suleman", or just "Nadya" to the regulars. It's made up of 14 eggs, no sausage, and the booth next to you pays for it.

Congratulations (sort of) are in order for NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who married Gisele Bundchen last month. I don't know what he was thinking - she's a dog!

Speaking of pro athletes marrying fugly women, NBA player Marko Jarix also married someone last month,and again, he too married a mutt. Her name is Adriana Lima, supermodel extraordinaire to the ninth (if you're blind that is). What are these guys thinking?

"Coffee, Pee or Poo?" European airline Ryanair announced last week that they're considering charging passengers a British pound to use the lavatory.


There's a lot of debate about whether or not it's appropriate to 'photoshop' elements out of a picture, particularly if the part of the picture that is to be removed (or added) is on a person's body. Here's some minor changes made by Sports Illustrated to Danica Patrick, where they removed her tramp stamp, which, by the way, happened to be an American flag.

Here's another one that's more controversial, seeing as one of the people in the photo is dead. In this image Heath Ledger is seen with Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Problem is, when the Nolan image was shot, Ledger was already dead. The photo of Heath Ledger was taken during the publicity tour for another film, about a year earlier. Nolan was added later. This is an excellent fake.

This has nothing to do with anything, except it's interesting. If you watched the show Survivor a few seasons ago you'll recall a gay barista with an outstanding body. She didn't win the show. Here's some pictures to jog your memory. If you mouse over the image you'll see what she looks like now. Ami Cusack - Same person.


Her name is Lykke Li. She's from Sweden. About a year ago she was basically homeless while trying to make it in New York. Now she's put out some music and I liked it so much I'm adding a sample for you to download. If you like it, spread the word.

Little Bit - mp3 audio file

1) click the link or pic (a new browser window will open)
2) wait 3-5 minutes (for the video to load) before hitting the Play button
3) turn up the volume all the way

Yoko, Nana, Rui, Rina and friends:

This is a dance vid I put together for my brother, Steel, who's celebrating a birthday this month.

Happy Birthday, Steel!

This is an awesome video. For the record, D. like Nana the best. He has good taste in women. While this sort of thing is appropriate for all ages in my home, some might want to keep anyone under the age of about 10 away from the computer while viewing.

Turn it up loud! and enjoy!