February 2010

My computer's working great. I love it.
btw, I used to use software for image galleries called ThumbsPlus, an easy-to-use program that lets you keep track of all the image (and video) files on your computer. I was having difficulty re-installing it on the new computer, and as I looked for an updated version of that program I came across a free program that does exactly the same thing called FastStone Image Viewer. Basically the program let's you find and view your images in gallery formats, slideshows, etc., and also lets you do simple image edits. If you don't have a program like this on your computer, it's worth downloading.


Congratulations to former Montreal Expo (and Chicago Cub) Andre Dawson, who was inducted into the baseball hall of fame last month. Nice going, Andre! We're proud of you!

Brock Lesnar, the UFC heavyweight champion was in Canada on a hunting trip recently when he had a diverticulitis attack, whatever that is, I don't know, but it sounds serious. “I felt like I got shot in the gut,” he said.

He wasn’t excited about his Canadian medical care, comparing it to “a third world country” where he couldn’t get any treatment. Lesnar’s wife, Rena 'sprung' him from the hospital, loaded him into a car and while Lesnar writhed in pain, drove “100 miles an hour” across the border and into North Dakota. He wound up MedCenter One, a hospital in Bismarck, N.D. There doctors didn’t immediately perform surgery and slowly nursed him back to some form of health.

“My wife saved my life,” he said.

Hear that, Canada? Brock Lesnar says you suck.

Not so fast, Brock. Did you know that Canadians invented the Smartie, smartie? And Canadians also invented Lacrosse, hockey, baseball, basketball, apple pie, Mr. Dress Up, ski-doos, jet skis, velcro, zippers, and zamboni's. The list goes on and on and on. And Canadians also invented the handle on your beer cases, made extra big to fit into your hands while wearing mittens (which Canadians also invented, mittens).


Above is another Kago update (don't worry, you're not interested), it's only for the real Kago fans, it's not from me, but another source. It was shot last month in Japan on what seems to be a video phone and shows Kago being taught how to 'Twitter'. That makes perfect sense, a twit who twitters. She's adorable and I love her, but you won't want to watch it. There's no need to. Move along... the porn is below.


Be careful all you Facebook people. According to a recent study, more than half of adults over 45 on Facebook are in danger of being victims of identity theft or other crimes because they share too much information. "The next time my friend Ron hits the slopes in Tahoe and announces it on Facebook beforehand (which he always does), I'll give you his address, you can pillage his home, and we'll split the profits, k?"


Do you have an account at Facebook, MySpace or one of the other social networking sites and want to kill yourself off? There are apps for that now, and even a page devoted to Facebook users who want to 'off' themselves, and it can be found over here. Enjoy!

A good reason to kill yourself off of facebook is trying to understand how it all works. I don't quite understand it, but from what I gather, each user has

movie film. all games
a 'wall', and you have 'friends', and your friends can write on your wall, and you can write on their wall, and everyone seems to be able to see each other's walls. I don't understand that. Maybe I have it all wrong. Check this out and see if I got it right.

Are Japanese porn stars as ugly as I think? How are they going to sell all their porn with pornstars who look like this?

Speaking of ugly chicks. Let's face it, no one is perfect.


My niece, Diane, recently returned from a trip around the world and sent me some of the pictures from the exotic places she had visited. It was quite a whirlwind trip, as you can see from the video gallery. I haven't seen this one yet, but I know I'm kinda scared to look.


Ooops, I spoke a little too soon. All those nice things I said about Andre Dawson being elected into the baseball hall of fame, I take it all back. Turns out he will be inducted into the hall as an Expo (instead of a Cub), which he tried to protest - but the hall wasn't hearing any of it - saying it was while he was with the Cubs that he 'catapulted to fame'." He adds, "It was a little gut-wrenching for me to hear that (being put in as an Expo and not a Cub), but it's their decision."




Meet Irene. She's a Thai thoroughbred that specializes in cilantro, lemon grass, basil and mint. She told me to say hello for her - she couldn't be here to say hello herself because she's cooking me dinner. Enjoy!