Feb '09

Everyone is talking about their bad weather nowadays. Rain, snow, ice storms. blah. I live in California where we don't have weather. We don't have weather to the point where we're now in a major drought and before long we'll be using our dish water to flush the toilet.
Recently the water district forced everyone - under threat of fines - to reduce our water usage by at least 15%, this using a baseline of each homes' past two year's usage. Nevermind that my retarded neighbour has been watering his backyard desert since he moved in, and we, meanwhile, have been monitoring our water usage since before the drought, we're all in the same boat, only now we have less water to work with than ever before.
The homes in the East Bay Municipal Utility district (that's us) have managed to reduce water usage by only 10%, but the homes under the district run by San Francisco - which is only ten miles away and who never 'required' their users to conserve, but only 'requested' they conserve water by 10% - have reduced their usage by 12%. Do you know why? It's because people in San Francisco are smarter than people in the East Bay. Not only can they save water without threat of fines, but they tend to smell better whilst having fewer showers.

You Light Up My Life! - The Academy Award winning songwriter who wrote that tune got the bright idea to use his fame by luring women to his apartment and sexually assaulting them. How did he do it? He put out a casting call for women to act as a prostitute who likes to drink shots and have sex with the films' director. In order to get the job in the film he was purporting to cast, the actresses needed to act like prostitutes, drink shots and have sex with the fdirector, who just happened to be Joseph Brooks, the guy who wrote 'You Light Up My Life'.

It's been determined by Susan Lawford, the head of the military commissions investigating the treatment of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, that the US 'tortured' the 20th hijacker, a Saudi, who had planned to participate in the attack on Sept. 11. According to the report, the US used isolation, sleep deprivation and nudity. As Dick Cheney likes to say, "So?"

If you haven't seen Tropic Thunder you should rent it. I haven't laughed that hard watching a movie in many years. All the performances were amazing, especially by Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Cruise. If you want a sense of what you're in for, check out this video from YouTube. Amazing!

      skin cancer, take 3    

Min - is a dancer/singer from Korea who is now studying performing arts in New York. This video is extraordinary. I've seen it.
The video is only available as a windows media file. That means if you click the link or pic, then you'll have to click another button when prompted, where the video will download and you can watch it on your computer, in probably Windows Media Player or whatever default movie player you use. This is all due to the fact that the raw files used here were 'flash' files to begin with, which were converted to some other format so they'd work in an editor. Recompressing it back to flash would've destroyed an already fragile video. It's a long story but that explains this download. And it's 150mb. Go get a diet soda.
Iif you like dance, this is for you. She demonstrates an unusual hybrid of styles, including hip-hop, pop & lock, and modern dance, that is outrageously good under the circumstances. This type of movement is will be the future, and she's way, way ahead. This is brilliant. Bravo Min... and she liked it too!

"That was really cool! I loved that!!! thanks!"