January '10

Happy New Years, good luck to everyone in 2010. BTW, how do you say that in language-speak, "2010"? Do you say, "Two Thousand Ten?", or do you say, "Twenty-Ten"? If you answered the former, does that mean you'll be doing that for the rest of the decade? "Two Thousand Twelve?" "Two Thousand Thirteen?" "Two Thousand Fourteen?"

I got a new computer. Wow! I would tell its specs, but I don't know them. What I know is that it's a big, fast, crazy-ass computer. It's taken me a lot of time just to get to where I am now, since moving a ton of programs over to a new computer is an amazingly complicated task. Almost everything has to be 're-installed', and some of you know what that's like. I've been busy. It's taken me about a month to get it operating similarly to my old computer.
The new computer uses Windows7, that much I know. Windows7 is beautiful, but it has a strange kink, where it doesn't always let you do what you want to do, believing it is protecting you, as if it has your best interests in mind since you don't know what's in your best interests. It won't allow you to modify files and folders unless you have administrator permission. When you try to do something and it doesn't agree with what you're doing, it will stop you and tell you, "You can't do that because you need permission from the administrator." I thought I was the administrator. I own the computer! If you're a computer geek, you've probably figured out the workaround, but so far I haven't.
Really, it's no big deal... unless you're trying to 'borrow' something.
The other odd thing -a small detail this time - is that it doesn't come with an email program.

There's lots to talk about, but I won't get into that now. Instead, here's the Kago update I've been promising, something I call, "I knew this was going to happen. I just knew it!" (no one believed me)

For those of you who know Kago, you'll be amazed and delighted, maybe a little shocked. The file was originally 60mb, but there was some banding in the background darks, which I didn't like, so I recompressed it and it might be about 110mb or so, which is fine for hi-speed. If you don't know who Kago is, then skip this. But if you're a fan, then it's worthwhile. Definitely worthwhile - it's gorgeous. Even if you don't know her, it's a beautiful thing to watch. It has Kago in it.

As usual, I deserve an Oscar. (this time I really do)

Sit back, relax, turn your volume way up, and enjoy! Here she is: