An image sequence is a series of images lined up side by side (and sometimes one on top of the other) and moving from left to right in time. This video is 3 minutes long but is comprised of just 40 pictures. My friend, Alex, was nice enough to volunteer as the main subject and the pictures of him make up about 30 of the 40 images in this video. The other 10 pictures were 'helper' images, used in concert with the images of Alex's face to hopefully improve the illusion and add some interest. So, while the video sometimes appears to be a movie, it's nothing but the same 40 single images sewn together and flashed from one to another at rapid fire speeds; this has the effect of giving the appearance of a moving image, like a movie. If you've ever played with a flip book you'll be familiar with the concept. This video is basically a flip book made on a computer. Movies and video are usually 24 and 30 'frames per second' respectively anyhow, so that's what you're seeing when you watch movies and television, still images flashing one after another in quick succession, giving what appears to be a moving image. However, the benefit of using still images over moving images is you can do things with still photos that you can't do with moving images, such as timed exposures and altering some of the images in a graphics editor such as Photoshop. This can create a surreal, sometimes comical, and somewhat dream-like effect.

I wouldn't recommend watching this video if you have any kind of seizure disorder.

want to thank Alex for participating and being such a good sport.

The video is about 3 minutes long. There's no sex or violence.